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Fernand Pascoal, President of Dalisa Gourmet Workshop, has been volunteering for several years in his community. From there came the idea of creating Fonds Belmira Jaime, as an opportunity to continue volunteering but in a new way with a bigger impact!

Fernand faced challenges in his childhood since his parents—Belmira and Jaime were immigrants who came to Quebec in the early 1950s—couldn’t finance Fernand’s dreams, despite all the love they had for him. As a child, he was able to transform these obstacles into lessons, and the challenges he encountered have taught him to persevere. 

Fonds Belmira Jaime’s mission is now to help children who don’t have access to all the resources they need to develop their full physical, intellectual and human potential.

It also supports them by giving them space to flourish in their school and extracurricular environment, ensuring that these children will positively affect tomorrow’s society thanks to the support they’ve received.

Since it was founded in the spring of 2019, Fonds Belmira Jaime (named after Fernand’s parents) has donated over $376,000 to organizations supporting children’s wellbeing.

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