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Fernand Pascoal, President of Dalisa Gourmet Workshop, has been volunteering for several years in his community. From there came the idea of creating Fonds Belmira Jaime, as an opportunity to continue volunteering but in a new way with a bigger impact!

Fernand faced challenges in his childhood since his parents—Belmira and Jaime were immigrants who came to Quebec in the early 1950s—couldn’t finance Fernand’s dreams, despite all the love they had for him. As a child, he was able to transform these obstacles into lessons, and the challenges he encountered have taught him to persevere. 

Fonds Belmira Jaime’s mission is now to help children who don’t have access to all the resources they need to develop their full physical, intellectual and human potential.

It also supports them by giving them space to flourish in their school and extracurricular environment, ensuring that these children will positively affect tomorrow’s society thanks to the support they’ve received.

Since it was founded in the spring of 2019, Fonds Belmira Jaime (named after Fernand’s parents) has donated over $230,000 to organizations supporting children’s wellbeing.


To provide children and young adults with equal opportunities for growth and success to help them build a better future.


The Fonds Belmira Jaime will be recognized as a valuable force and ally in providing financial support to community organizations working in various sectors.


Mutual Aid
Convinced that mutual aid remains the most important value for our society to evolve, the FBJ is committed to having a positive impact on the lives of children, young adults and their families.

Treat everyone with respect (workers, recipient organizations, business partners and sponsors).

In the interest of fairness and transparency, the Board of Directors of the FBJ has set up a Donations Committee and has adopted a set of criteria for the allocation of donations.

Our team

Fernand Pascoal

Fernand Pascoal, Chair of the Board of Fonds Belmira Jaime, is a father and now grandfather who firmly believes that every child should start from the same place in life so that they all have an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. For him, a promising day begins with a good breakfast. Because of that, getting involved with the Breakfast Club of Canada came naturally. He has been able to see the direct impact of the fundraisers he and his team organize while spending his mornings distributing meals in schools. Now, he wants to lead the Fonds in organizing major fundraising events for young children to give them the opportunity to develop their natural skills and support their development.

Alexandra Pascoal

Alexandra Pascoal was born to a loving family and has always felt cherished.  She’s thankful for the life she leads and has been volunteering for many years with children, whether it’s distributing Christmas baskets (her favourite activity) or organizing the Lobster Gala every year. As a founding member of the Fonds Belmira Jaime and as a mother to a profoundly deaf child, she understands the challenges that some families face daily. Alexandra’s energy, enthusiasm and perseverance colour each of the events she organizes, and these self-same qualities are appreciated by the people who work with her year after year.

Jenny Contant

As a privileged person, Jenny is committed to giving back to others and to instilling in her own children the values of generosity and self-sacrifice. As a tax lawyer and a Fonds Belmira Jaime board member, she has also long supported a number of initiatives helping underprivileged children and seniors living in isolation. The team’s generosity and energy are what made her want to join the Board of Directors. She soon saw that the team’s big heart and commitment shined through in all of their activities. If her help leads to more children dreaming bigger, she’ll be proud to have had a hand in it.

Andréanne Mercier

As someone who’s very dedicated and hands-on both at work and in her personal life, this cheerful mother hopes to encourage children to give their best in life. Andréanne used to volunteer for adaptive sports, and she joined Fonds Belmira Jaime to help with various fundraising activities. She was impressed by the team’s dedication and the positive response from partners and retailers, becoming even prouder of what the team was doing. For her, each child is a precious treasure who’s sparkle shouldn’t be dulled by either hunger or financial burden. She knows that her involvement is helping to give children the hope that one day they will be able to live out their daydreams.

Roseline Ménard

Roseline Ménard is a grandmother and retired notary. She has often felt the call to help when she saw children suffering and experiencing injustices. Since she is unable to completely change our society to be more egalitarian and safer by herself, she decided to choose organizations whose mission means a lot to her and that make a real difference in the lives of their beneficiaries. Roseline especially appreciates the Fonds Belmira Jaime team’s energy, local involvement and dedication, and the fact that they share two values she holds dear: honesty and loyalty.

Antoine Goulet

Antoine Goulet is treasurer and member of the board and has been involved with Fonds Belmira Jaime since the very beginning, inspired by his work with orphan organizations in the region. He became aware as he was handing out school breakfasts of how important and meaningful every small and seemingly insignificant gesture is for people in need. His expertise in corporate finance helps him when collecting donations to minimize expenses, raise funds and then give as much as possible back to organizations that need it. According to him, a just society is a society where people help each other. To make this possible one day, Antoine has chosen to help the creators of tomorrow’s world—today’s children.

Judith Dorais

Judith Dorais became aware of the child welfare cause when she was young—her parents could have benefited from the Fonds Belmira Jaime if it had existed. She is a notary, blessed by life, and a mother to healthy children. Judith has volunteered with children in the community on several occasions. In her view, children should be treated equitably as early as possible so that they can develop with no barriers or hindrance to being themselves. Judith has been involved with the foundation from the very beginning. She sees a bright future for this sincere and generous organization in line with her two fundamental values: respect and honesty.

Victoria Pascoal

Victoria Pascoal was fortunate to grow up in a devoted family that instilled in her values that are still dear to her today: generosity, humility and empathy. She feels extremely privileged in her life to have been so well supported and to have had the resources she needed to develop. That’s why she wants to give the same opportunity to those who don’t have it. Victoria has been involved in Fonds Belmira Jaime events in the past, but she hopes being a member of the board will help her better serve the cause. In her view, every child should be able to get what they need for their well-being and development.

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