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About us

Who we are

Dalisa is a Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu company that is celebrating over 25 years in business. Dalisa specializes in assisted processing and distribution of single serving meat products for the retail and HRI customers.

Dalisa enjoys a well-established reputation for quality among its customers, with delicious products that reflect this standard for excellence. It only uses the best quality ingredients which are locally sourced and flavoured with spices from all over the world.

Dalisa, The Gourmet Workshop brings together culinary talents with a passion for food who strive to share Culinary Inspiration with their clients and partners in a simple, unique and flavorful manner. Dalisa’s experts are inspired by health, originality and the joy of creating the best eating experience.


The Dalisa Gourmet Workshop brings together talented food enthusiasts whose goal is to offer their customers and partners the simple, unique and tasty culinary inspiration.


The passion for gastronomy and flavors of the world of our team motivates it to innovate and thus follow trends in food. Our passionate experts are inspired by health, innovation and the pleasure of creating the best tasting experience. They become an accomplice of choice in the development of daily menus for our consumers.


  • Family

  • Pleasure

  • Authenticity

  • The well-being of our customers